Wednesday, 25 November 2015

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Juan Pablo Montoya test Porsche 919 Hybrid Bahrain

Fixing the FIA World Endurance Championship wasn't the main thing that Porsche did this previous weekend in Bahrain. Close by its opponents from Audi and Toyota used cars dealer in Dubai , the German furnish likewise partook in a test session for potential new drivers, including Juan Pablo Montoya.

Driving the Le Mans-and title winning Porsche 919 Hybrid at the Bahrain International Circuit this weekend, Montoya set the speediest time Nissan used cars. His "qualifying" lap was timed at 1:40.86, scarcely over a second behind the 1:39.67 lap that earned Timo Bernhard post position in the earlier day's race – and a second speedier than the quickest lap set in the race by Neel Jani in another 919 Hybrid. That is a powerful amazing accomplishment for a driver moderately unaccustomed to driving a cutting edge half and half LMP1.

Dashing fans will know Montoya as a multi-capable driver. The Colombian has contended effectively in Formula One, Indy, NASCAR, and sports models, winning races in all controls. Beside the International Formula 3000 title, three altogether triumphs in the 24 Hours of Daytona, and a modest bunch of NASCAR road course races, Montoya can consider as a real part of his numerous accomplishments the CART title, two Indianapolis 500 wins, and the checkered banner at the Monaco Grand Prix (alongside six other F1 races).

Those triumphs have conveyed JP among the nearest to winning the Triple Crown of motorsports of any driver in dashing history's, regardless he contending Nissan used cars. For those new, the Triple Crown is an informal measure to gage the different gifts of expert dashing drivers in three controls: Indy, F1, and Le Mans. To win, a driver needs to win the Indianapolis 500, the 24 Hours of Le Mans, and either the Monaco Grand Prix or the Formula One World Championship.

Graham Hill is the main driver in history to have cleared every one of the classifications, yet others have approach. The rundown of close victors incorporates Tazio Nuvolari, Mike Hawthrown, Phil Hill, AJ Foyt, Bruce McLaren, Jim Clark, Mario Andretti, and Emerson Fittipaldi. The main contenders still dynamic are Montoya and Jacques Villeneuve, who won at Indy in '95, the F1 title in '97, and came next at Le Mans in 2008. Villenueve could at present take the crown in the event that he gets another shot at Le Mans, however the more probable situation would be to see Montoya ascend to the throne. Particularly if this test session is any sign.

Additionally driving the cars dealer in Dubai was in the new kid on the block test session was Mitch Evans, a previous GP3 champion and GP2 race victor from New Zealand. Kindred Kiwi and best in class equation hustling driver Richie Stanaway drove the Audi R18 E-Tron Quattro. Also, the Toyota TS040 Hybrid used cars was shared by two British drivers: recently delegated LMP2 champion and Formula E race victor Sam Bird, and Williams F1 test driver and GP2 race champ Alex Lynn. None of them, notwithstanding, figured out how to verge on coordinating Montoya's chance. With Nico H├╝lkenberg – the F1 driver who together with buddies won at Le Mans this year – not able to contend one year from now because of a planning struggle, Porsche would be astute to convey Juan Pablo on board to take his place... also, give him a legitimate shot at securing the Triple.


FIA World Endurance Championship (WEC), LMP1 test in Sakhir/Bahrain

Montoya and Evans test the World Champion's Porsche 919 Hybrid

Stuttgart. The day after the colossal finale at the Bahrain International Circuit (BIC), FIA Endurance World Champion used cars dealer in Dubai  has offered two drivers a test open door for the 919 Hybrid. Close by GP2 driver Mitch Evans (21, New Zealand), previous Formula One star and two times Indy 500 champ Juan Pablo Montoya (40, Columbia) was trying. Evans, who won Sunday's GP2 race on the 5.421 kilometer long track, left an incredible impression and also Montoya who, amongst different victories, has won seven F1 thousand prix.

Evans' speediest of his 54 laps amid a race reenactment was 1:43.60 minutes, just 1.71 seconds slower than Neel Jani's quickest race lap of 1:41.89 minutes on Saturday amid the 6-Hours of Bahrain. Montoya did 55 laps with the auto of title holders Timo Bernhard, Brendon Hartley and Mark Webber. Amid Montoya's race reproduction his best lap was 1:44.46 minutes and when he was in qualifying mode, he set the speediest lap time in 1:40.86 minutes. For examination: Timo Bernhard's lap time which secured the group the eighth shaft position in the eighth race, was 1:39.67 minutes.

Group Principal Andreas Seidl: "After the highlight of yesterday we have been utilizing the 2015 spec Porsche 919 Hybrid to give Mitch and Juan Pablo a decent test opportunity with a ton of mileage. The day ran easily with a blended project of short keeps running in the morning and more keeps running for both drivers toward the evening. Mitch had the experience of the Barcelona test added to his repertoire; Juan Pablo just had a test system session before and drove the auto interestingly. We are extremely inspired by drivers' impressions, particularly in the event that it goes to a driver like Juan Pablo who has effectively determined such a large number of various types of race auto in his profession. Both were rapidly up to speed and benefited an occupation."

Juan Pablo Montoya (40, Columbia): "The auto is stunning, it is as of now the most exceptional race auto on the planet and it is one serious toy. I have driven a wide range of autos and this one is a considerable measure of fun. It has a great deal of force, is outrageously steady and in light of the fact that it is so unsurprising, it welcomes you to overdrive it. That is the thing that I discovered the most great thing. Truth be told the auto is good to the point that you don't understand the velocity you're going. In advance it was a touch stunning when I was given a 30 page manual of how to work the auto, yet then it wasn't that troublesome. The track here is great and I appreciated the time here in Bahrain a ton. I came ahead of schedule to get a thought of how the group is getting along things. I knew Fritz Enzinger and Andreas Seidl from Formula One days and it was extraordinary when they welcomed me to drive the 919 Hybrid. We don't have any arrangements for the future, we didn't even discuss it. I came to Bahrain to have some good times and drive the damnation out of the auto and it was awesome."

Mitch Evans (21, New Zealand): "It's extraordinary to be back in the Porsche 919 Hybrid and to appreciate this level of innovation. The auto is truly extraordinary to drive and it's anything but difficult to get trust in it. I'm adapting seemingly insignificant details here and there each lap. The auto advantages a considerable measure from the four-wheel drive under braking and clearly increasing speed. The 919 has a considerable measure of downforce and the way it takes care of its tires is a great deal superior to in a GP2 auto. The 919 Hybrid is an exceptionally refined auto, the group has made an incredible showing. On account of used cars dealer in Dubai and to the FIA who have empowered me to do this new kid on the block test.